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Home Buyer Commission Rebate

Home Buyer Commission Rebate

Buy a house or condo with us and get 40% of our commission as rebate. When you choose us to represent you as your buyer’s agent, we will rebate you 40% of the commission paid to us by the listing brokerage or by the builder.

Listed below are examples of what your rebate could be if the commission paid to us is 2.5% of the purchase price.

Purchase Price   Rebate to YOU
$300,000 -----------  $3,000
$500,000 -----------  $5,000
$800,000 -----------  $8,000

Limited time offer, please call for terms and conditions.

Other Benefits of Having Us as Your Buyer's Agent


We Will Protect and Promote Your Best Interests

If you have us representing you, we will let you know all the details of the transaction, especially facts affecting the value or desirability of the property as well as all known relevant material and information concerning the property. You would never be able to gather this kind of information on your own. The seller's agent might not reveal all the information that makes the property less desirable. If you rush into an agreement of purchase and sale without proper representation you may not be properly informed about your true obligations.

Furthermore, if you have a us representing you the agreement of purchase and sale (Offer) can be drafted in a way that your interests are best served. We accomplish this by using our professional negotiation skills, all the while keeping your information confidential and not divulging the price you are prepared to pay or your motivation in making the purchase.

We Will Help You Determine Whether Or Not The House Is Worth The Asking Price?

We have access to resources not readily available to the public. We can monitor monthly "sold" statistics by accessing the electronic real estate databases containing the sale prices of homes in a specific area or community. We can also search a specific property's historical data such as previous selling prices and retrieve all relevant information including property description and assessed value. This information will help you determine the true market value of any home you may be interested in.

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